What is the softest wool throw?

What is the softest wool throw?

I am frequently asked what is the softest wool blanket or throw? The answer is simple, a merino wool throw. The next statement that follows is often, well you would say that as merino throws are more expensive than pure new wool wool throws.

Merino wool throws are one of the more expensive throws that we stock, however, we believe that they are worth every single penny. This is because Merino lambswool isn’t like other wools. The diameter of the wool fibres are measured in microns. The lower the micron the softer, finer and more expensive the wool is. This is due to the quality. Ordinary wool (coarse) wool is approximately 40 microns or more. Merino wool fibres starts at 24 microns and go down to approximately 15 microns.

Due the thin diameter of the wool fibre, Merino isn’t scratchy, itchy or rough against the skin. The Merino fibres bend when they touch the skin preventing itchiness or a scratchy feeling.

merino wool blanket

Merino wool blankets are the softest wool blankets that we stock. They are also very warm.

Despite this delicate and fragile appearance Merino wool offers amazing warmth and moisture wicking properties. This enables Merino to be worn against the skin. Our Merino gloves are lovely and soft as are our throws, this dispels the idea of scratchy blankets and jumpers.

Merino is highly prized as performance base layers by cyclists, runners, horse riders and walkers. The wicking properties ensure its low odour.

So Merino wool is more expensive than normal wool but it is worth every single penny in terms of softness, warmth and durability.

Our Merino wool throws, scarves, hats and gloves are all made in the UK. They will keep you warm and cosy.

Several of our wool throws are thick and chunky in appearance and many people believe they are warmer than our Merino throws. Looks can be very deceiving. Whilst our new wool throws are warm, nothing comes close to the warmth and softness of Merino wool. If you want a lightweight incredibly soft throw, Merino wool is the throw that you need. You won’t regret the investment in the warmest softest wool throw that we have.

Take a look at our lovely merino wool throws in our online shop.

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