Which wool blankets are the softest and warmest

Which wool blankets are the softest and warmest

A wool blanket is one of those items that one is never enough. There is nothing better than snuggling under a wool throw or blanket on chilly evening watching your favourite film or reading by the fire.

I am often asked which is the warmest wool blanket and which is the softest wool blanket?

There are so many different wool blankets and throws on the market that choosing the throw which will help keep you warm and cosy can be daunting.

First, let’s consider the different types of wool. Country Mouse sells merino lambswool, Gotland wool, recycled wool and Swedish lambswool throws and blankets.

Merino lambswool: Soft, drapey, lightweight, finest, highly breathable. Merino lambswool comes from Merino sheep which are bred for their wool.

Swedish Lambswool: Comes from sheep farms in Southern Sweden. The wool is thick, soft, highly breathable and has no chemical treatment.

Eco Lambswool: Our eco lambswool blankets are made from Swedish lambswool and is tested by and independent laboratory and is guaranteed to be free from pesticides. These wool throws are thick, soft and highly breathable.

Gotland wool: Silky, soft and full of lustre.

Recycled WoolVaries from soft Swedish and merino to coarser British recycled wool.

All of the blankets stocked by Country Mouse are made from lambswool. Lambswool is the first shearing of a sheep at around 7 months old. Lambswool is softer and more elastic than adult wool which adds to its softness. 

 Which wool blanket is the warmest?

Gotland wool blanket

Gotland wool blankets are warm and cosy.

Wool is a natural fibre and will help you to thermoregulate by letting heat out as well as keeping you warm. Wool is clever in that it is able to breathe and trap air between you and the wool blanket. This keeps you at just the right temperature.

With wool looks can be deceiving. Thicker is not necessarily warmer. Our merino blankets are the thinnest and most lightweight we have, but they are incredibly warm. This is because merino fibres are long crimped and wavy and have air pockets. This traps air helping to you warm and cosy. Merino lambswool throws, considering their weight, are really warm and cosy. Merino blankets are perfect for autumn or summer. 

Our Swedish lambswool blankets are incredibly warm and I am including my Gotland wool blankets here as well. However,  it is personal choice. If you want a lightweight, soft drapey throw, merino is a perfect choice. If you want a thicker, snuggly blanket, Swedish lambswool or Gotland wool is a perfect choice for you. 

Both throws are warm, it just depends on the which wool is right for you.

Recycled wool blankets retain all the benefits of our other wool blankets and throws. These will keep you just as warm as the others. 

Which wool blanket is the softest?

Merino lambswool is a technical fibre which can be worn next to the skin. The fibres are very long and narrow and bend when they touch your skin. This makes them very soft and gentle.

Swedish lambswool and Gotland wool are both still soft, but not as soft as merino. I would say that Gotland wool blankets are probably softer than Swedish wool blankets. Gotland wool fibres are very fine, soft and silky. Earlier, I mentioned that all of our throws are lambswool, so they will still be softer than pure new wool blankets and throws.

Our Swedish and merino recycled wool blankets are also soft, Gotland wool fibres are very fine, soft and silky. Our British recycled wool throws can vary from soft to quite coarse. They will keep you warm, but they won't be the softest.

 Why are wool blankets better than synthetic blankets?

Wool is a natural fibre made from proteins and at the end of its long life will biodegrade back to the earth and release nutrients that will support plant life. Synthetics, are man made from oils and petrol chemicals which when discarded, will take up to 200 years to break down, releasing polluting chemicals damaging the environment. Wool blankets are sustainable and synthetic man-made blankets are not.

Wool lasts longer than synthetics.

The natural fibres of wool are elastic and stretchy due to their crimp. Wool can withstand constant use making it incredibly durable. Much more so than synthetics, Wool can resist spills. tearing and mildew. This is largely due to the way the fibres are shaped and the lanolin in the wool. If you spill something on wool, it will bead, all you have to do, is dab and spit clean. It rarely soaks through.

Wool needs infrequent washing

Yes, you read that correctly. Wool needs infrequent washing. Infrequent washing will prolong the life of your wool throw. In a world where we are so used to synthetics, and the need to wash clothes after every wear, wool is a dream. Wool will naturally absorb moisture. When wool dries, it releases that moisture back into the atmosphere. One of the best things you can do to keep your wool blanket fresh is to simply air it. Just hand the throw or blanket outside on a dry day for an hour or two and will be lovely and fresh. No need to wash it.

Whichever wool blanket or wool throw you choose I am sure you will love it as much as I enjoy choosing what will go into my wool blanket collection. Each wool blanket is handpicked for its colour, pattern and softness.

Once you buy a wool blanket, you will quickly discover that one is not enough.

If you have been inspired to buy your warmest and softest wool blanket to stay warm and cosy, you can browse our full collections in our online shop at Country Mouse 

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