Which wools do we use to make our wool throws?

Which wools do we use to make our wool throws: helping you to choose your perfect wool throw.

Choosing a wool throw can be a daunting task. There are so many different types of wool throws and blankets on the market and knowing which one is a perfect match for you and your needs can be tricky and often trial and error. To help you make a decision I have put together this guide to help you choose the perfect wool throw for your needs.

All wool is natural, biodegradable, insulating and breathable. The softness and thickness of a wool blanket or wool throw depends upon the wool used to make the product.

There are also a few key phrases and terms that people use when describing wool throws and blankets and they are lambswool and pure new wool. Put simply, lambswool is wool shorn from sheep under the age of a year. It is the wool from the first sheering. This wool is soft, and silky with a fine finish. Lambswool is regarded as a high-grade textile.

Pure new wool is a term used to describe wool that is shorn from a sheep after its first sheering. It is its second and subsequent sheering. Pure new wool is graded to make sure that no other fibres such as recycled wool has been added. Pure new wool refers to the quality of the wool. This wool can be mixed with many breeds of sheep. It is soft, but not as soft as lambswool.


Swedish Wool

Swedish wool originates from farms in Southern Sweden. The wool is completely natural and without any chemical additives. This wool is versatile and Swedish wool throws are perfect as a throw for the bed, a chair, sofas or around the home. Our Swedish wool throws are Swedish lambswool. These throws are thick, fluffy, warm and versatile. They are available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

swedish wool throw

Our Swedish wool throws are made from lambswool by Klippan. These throws are thick, fluffy and soft. They are also incredibly versatile.

Recycled Wool

Country Mouse recycled wool throws fall into four categories. Our random recycled wool throws, British recycled wool blanketsSwedish recycled and merino recycled wool throws

Recycled wool is made from discarded and leftover wool from the production of our other wool throws. The recycled wool is used and collected from our production. It can be anything from wool fibres from the carding machine to wool yarn from the looms.

Our random recycled wool throws and our British recycled wool throws are slightly coarser than our other wool throws, however, they are versatile. They retain all the benefits of wool but cost less than our other wool throws. We have no control over the colours of our random wool throws. These recycled throws are really versatile, use them in your home, or garden or use them as a picnic blanket.

Our Swedish recycled wool throws are woven using recycled Swedish wool and Swedish lambswool. When the recycled wool is shredded before weaving, the fibres are quite short. Blending them with new wool creates a softer wool throw. These Swedish recycled wool throws are popular and are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. These throws are thick, soft and cosy.

The third recycled wool throw that Country Mouse stocks is the recycled merino wool throw in a classic herringbone pattern. These throws are made from 100 merino wool but 50% is recycled merino and the other 50% is merino lambswool. These throws are soft and slightly thicker than our Scottish merino throws. However, they are lighter weight than our Swedish wool throws.

Our final recycled wool collection consists of wool throws woven in Yorkshire. These wool throws are woven from discarded and leftover wool from the manufacture of our other wool blankets. Instead of being random and slightly smaller than our random wool throws, these are full-size wool blankets. 

Each wool blanket is woven in a herringbone or checked pattern. The colour of these throws are available in a variety of shades of green, blue, orange, red and many other colours.  

recycled wool throws

 Country Mouse recycled wool throws are available in three different types of wool. Random recycled which is slightly coarse. british wool blankets which is alaso slightly rougher, more like shetland wool.Swedish which is softer, fluffy and thick and merino which is soft and lightweight. All of our recycled wool throws retain all the benefits of wool but with added eco-friendly credentials. 

Merino wool

Merino wool is wool which is from the merino sheep. The merino sheep is an amazing breed which is bred specifically for its wool. The merino wool used to make our throws and blankets is sourced from merino sheep in New Zealand and South Africa.

Merino wool is renowned for its exceptional qualities, which include fibres that are incredibly soft, and fine and have air pockets to trap air. This helps to keep you warm and cosy.

As a wool and natural fibre, it is durable, breathable, and insulating. Combine this with the exceptional softness and you are well on your way to the best fibre there is. Merino wool throws are lightweight, drapey and soft. Perfect for those who don’t like a thick heavy blanket. Merino is thinner than other blankets, but thanks to its amazing properties it's also very warm. Pure merino wool, like Cashmere, can be worn next to the skin. Merino wool is often used in sports clothing as a technical base layer due to its fantastic properties.

Merino lambswool is one of the best wool throws that you can have. These are soft and cosy. Merino wool sheep are capable of producing this incredible fibre which is used for clothing, bedding soft furnishings, socks and wool blankets.

merino wool blanket

Merino wool throws are soft, fine and lightweight. Perfect for draping over a chair or sofa. merino is also really warm. 


Gotland wool

Gotland wool comes from the Gotland sheep. This is an ancient breed that has existed since the Viking age. Gotland sheep are originally from the Swedish islands of Gotland. This wool is luxurious, full of lustre, silky and shiny. Our Gotland wool throws are quite thick and versatile.Gotland Wool throws

Gotland wool throws are silky, soft, fluffy and lightweight.

To recap:
  • Swedish wool is soft, thick and fluffy, 
  • Merino wool soft fine and light weight.
  • Gotland is Soft, thick, fluffy and lustrous.
  • Recycled wool soft, thick and fluffy or lightweight if its merino
  • Random recycled can be slighly coarse and lightweight 
  • Swedish recycled is soft, fluffy and thick

As you can see, each wool has its own characteristics and qualities and at Country Mouse, we love them all.  Ready to buy your perfect wool throw? 

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