Why I love merino wool throws

Why I love Merino Wool Throws

merino wool throw

Fall in love with merino wool throws

The first wool throw I ever owned was a recycled wool throw which I purchased from a National Trust campsite in Cornwall. I was just on the cusp of leaving my teaching job. I remember the purchase well, as I was staying in Cornwall which is one of my favourite parts of the country. The throw accompanied me on various trips to the beach and picnics, with the bonus of keeping me warm. It was also perfect to sit on and read a book.

At this point I never envisaged specialising in wool throws as a business. I swapped the classroom for self-employment in 2012 and I started selling merino and Shetland wool throws in 2015.

Although I have been selling merino wool throws since 2015, I never tire of the patterns or colourways. There have been many changes in the colour and patterns, but the quality never changes, which is a true credit to the mill’s heritage.  

Over the years I have added many different throws to Country Mouse in various wools from different mills. I have recently introduced our Scottish Merino wool throws which are woven in a historic textile mill. These merino wool throws are woven in a wide range of contemporary patterns and colours. I am really looking forward to developing this range of merino wool throws.    

It should come as no surprise to you that I own a wide choice of throws for my personal use. I have got a couple of recycled throws, including the original from Cornwall.  There are a couple of Shetland wool throws covering an offending sofa and a massive Union Jack wool throw. Can you guess which throw I chose when I escape to the lounge for the evening? 

The answer is a merino wool throw. The reason is, after I’ve evicted my cat, that they are incredibly soft and lightweight which is perfect for snuggling under on chilly evenings watching a film. They aren’t too big either, so you don’t end up tripping over them as you venture back to the kitchen to make another cup of tea. Am I the only person in the UK who needs to pause Netflix every 20 minutes to brew up? Gone are the days when I could watch a whole hour of TV.

What’s so great about a merino throw? What’s not to love? They are lightweight, made from 100% soft merino wool which isn’t itchy, incredibly comforting and they add texture and style to a room or sofa when you aren’t snuggling under them. They also be used as an extra layer on your bed for cold winter nights. Merino wool throws are so much more than just a decorative item. They have a practical use.  

I have also recently added recycled merino wool throws to our ever-growing collection of wool throws. Our recycled merino throws are made from 50% merino and 50% recycled merino lambswool. These recycled wool throws are amazing. They are slightly thicker than our other merino throws, have amazing eco credentials and retain all the benefits of merino wool.

recycled merino wool throw

Our recycled merino wool throws have all the benefits of merino with great eco credentials.

Our merino wool throws are also made in a historic British textile mill which controls each stage of the manufacturing process. We know exactly where and how our throws are made. This adds to their story. When you buy one and fall in love with your it, you are supporting British Textile manufacturing and buying a merino throw with history.

I guess, the reason why I still love a wool throw 10 years after buying my first one, is because of all the warmth, comfort and memories that go with one.

If you want to buy a merino wool blanket, you can find a fabulous choice in my online shop.



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