Why our recycled wool throws are best sellers.

Why our recycled wool throws are best sellers.

Country Mouse has stocked random recycled wool throws for many years. Our bestselling random recycled wool blankets are woven from discarded and off cut blankets and yarns from the manufacture of other wool throws. Keeping these recycled wool throws in stock is a challenge!

Country Mouse has also added Swedish recycled wool throws to the collection, these are 50% recycled and 50% Swedish wool. These cosy recycled wool throws also fly off to new homes as soon as they are added to the website.

Why are recycled wool throws and blankets so popular?

 random recycled wool throws


Country Mouse’s recycled wool throws offer all the of the benefits and qualities of wool, at an affordable price.


Recycled wool throws are at a great price point.

I know price and value is subjective, but our random recycled wool throws offer amazing value for money. By using recycled wool, you receive all the benefits of wool, at an amazing price. Our Swedish recycled wool throws, also have the same qualities as our full priced Swedish blankets, but with great eco credentials and price. 

They are one of a kind.

Our random recycled wool throws are totally unique. I never know what colours I am going to receive or how many of each colourway. It really does depend on which yarns and off cuts are available. Each recycled wool throw has the a similar pattern, but the colours can vary enormously.

If you’re not a fan of surprises, our Swedish recycled wool throws are a consistent and repeatable colour. We even have merino wool throws that are 50% merino wool and 50% recycled merino wool. These are a little thicker than our recycled wool throws, but incredibly soft and cosy. Again, retaining all the benefits of a merino wool throw.

 swedish recycled wool throws

 Our Swedish recycled wool throws are a consistent colour and available in a wide range of patterns and colours.

Recycled wool throws are versatile.

Our random recycled wool throws are highly versatile. Woven with a slightly coarser texture than our other throw, they are perfect for use outdoors, in the boot of the car or for an impromptu picnic. I love to take mine to the beach. Its easy to shake the sand off.

 Great Eco Credentials,

Our Swedish wool throws are available in so many different wools, including eco lambswool. It’s only fitting that they have a recycled wool collection. Wool is such an amazing fibre and its perfect for recycling. At Country Mouse we love our recycled wool throws, each one has been lovingly woven from remnants and discarded yarns. It complete a cycle that saves the yarn and wool from landfill.

recycled wool throws

Country Mouse's recycled wool throws are really versatile. Enjoy using them in your home or take them to the beach or for use as an impromptu picnic.

 Recycled wool throws are versatile.

A random recycled wool throw will look great in any room of your home. As mentioned before, they can be used in a car, taken on a picnic or trip to the beach. Equally, recycled wool throws, also make ideal presents and gifts. Everyone loves to receive a gift, and what’s not to love about a recycled wool throw.

If you want to buy a recycled wool throw for yourself or a gift, you can shop online at countrymouse.co.uk

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