Wool blankets for staying warm in winter

Wool blankets for staying warm this winter.

Wool blankets are ideal for staying warm this winter. Wool is an amazing natural fibre, with outstanding insulating properties.

wool blanket

Merino lambswool is soft, lightweight and will keep you warm and cosy this winter.

Are wool blankets warm?

I am often asked, are wool blankets warm? The simple answer is yes, they are. A wool blanket will keep you warm and cosy and help to keep you at just the right temperature as they breathe and allow heat out as well.

Wool fibres have natural bends and a crimp which trap air and help to keep you warm. These pockets of air that are trapped in the wool fibres, circulate heat, allowing more of that heat to move towards your body. If you get too warm, the wool allows the heat out, thanks to its being highly breathable.

Which is the warmest wool blanket?

The other question I am often asked is, which is the warmest wool blanket you have? As a stockist of merino, Swedish lambswool recycled wool blankets, they will all keep you warm and toasty. 

Merino wool blankets are the softest most gentle against your skin. You can be reassured that wool will keep you warm and toasty. Synthetics such as fleece will not. Although it’s a natural fibre, cotton is not as warm as wool.

Swedish lambswool blankets are cosy. These wool blankets are thicker and slightly heavier than merino. They are just as warm, but the thicker wool, just makes them feel even more snug.

Recycled wool blankets are made from off cuts and discarded yarn, from making our other wool blankets. These are re spun and woven into recycled blankets. Our recycled wool blankets retain all the wonderful benefits of wool.

Our recycled wool blanket collection includes Swedish recycled, merino and our British recycled wool blankets. Each one has a different feel and character.

gotland wool blanet

Gotland wool blankets are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Soft, cosy and perfect as an extra layer on your bed.

The warmest wool blanket to keep you warm is a matter of personal preference. If you want the softest wool blanket choose a merino wool blanket. If you want a thick cosy wool blanket, then any of our Swedish wool blankets will be a perfect match for you, If you want to make a choice based on price, then our recycled wool blankets may well be the perfect match for you.

If you want a wool blanket with eco lambswool or alpaca wool, our Klippan wool blankets include those as well.

Finding the warmest wool blanket is not as straightforward as it seems!

My top  wool blankets for staying warm this winter include:

Scottish Merino wool blankets

These Scottish merino wool blankets are made in a historic mill in the highlands of Scotland. Woven from 100% soft merino lambswool. They are beautiful, lightweight and warm.

Recycled merino lambswool blankets

For those who want an eco friendly and soft wool blanket, our recycled merino blankets may well be a perfect match for you. Soft, but slightly thicker than our Scottish merino and thinner than our Swedish wool blankets. These wool blankets are woven from 50% merino and 50% recycled merino.

Gotland Wool Blankets

Our Gotland wool blankets are silky soft and are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Snuggling up under one of these gorgeous blankets will certainly keep out the winter cold.

Swedish wool blankets.

Country Mouse Swedish wool blankets are one of our best selling blankets. The range of colours, patterns and wools is extensive. To stay warm this winter, I think they are a perfect choice. Thick, cosy and great at keeping you warm.

To add cheer on a cold winter day choose from our yellow or orange collection. If you like more subtle tones our green wool blankets are a popular choice.

Klippan wool blanket

Choosing warm colours helps to make you feel warm and cosy. Oranges, yellow and mustards are perfect for adding pops of colour and will also keep you warm and cosy.

Wool blankets are versatile. You can use them whilst working from home, as an extra layer on the bed, or snuggled under on the sofa.

To buy your wool blanket to stay warm this winter, visit our online shop and find your perfect wool blanket.

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