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Buying a wool throw

wool throw

Buying a wool throw is one of those purchases that you will wish you had made sooner. Wool throw and wool blanket are often used as interchangeable terms. As far as Country Mouse is concerned, they the same product. Our Swedish wool throws from Klippan have tassels or a blanket stitch. All our other wool throws are finished with tassels.


Merino wool throws aren't itchy.

Wool throws are such a versatile item. Long gone, well I hope it’s long gone, is the belief that wool throws are for elderly people to wrap up in or put over their knees. The other misconception surrounding wool is that it is itchy. Merino wool throws are incredibly soft and gentle against the skin. Merino wool can be worn next to the skin due to its highly technical and fine fibres.

Wool throws are a must have item for your home, for gifting, for enjoying in your outdoor space and of course for picnicking.   

Where to use your wool throw

I have wool throws in most rooms of my home. I have one in the kitchen on an old chair. It’s one of my favourite spots to read. The light in the morning is amazing. I get quite a few good ideas sat in that spot.

I have several in the lounge, on the back of chairs, on the sofas and often on the arms of the sofa. There is nothing more comforting on a chilly evening than lighting the fire, wrapped in a wool throw with a good book and warming drink. Beats the TV any day.

Wool throws are found in my bedrooms, on the bed, across the bed. They are ideal for adding an extra layer to the bed on chilly evenings. Naturally, I have them on the chair in my bedroom as well.

Outdoor spaces, and the concept of bringing the indoors out has been a growth trend, especially since Covid. We are valuing our gardens and outdoor spaces more and more. I say hoorah for that. My garden is my sanctuary. I am very proud of the outdoor space I have created. I have planted every plant having acquired a blank canvas. Outdoor living is a huge growth area. Even in the smallest space you can create a tranquil oasis or ultra-modern vibe. Whatever your outdoor space, wool throws can sit very well within it. Have a wool throw on the back of chairs or your garden furniture for alfresco dining. You and your guests will be able to stay out long after the sun has set. Wool throws are not seasonal. They are timeless and relevant all year round.

Choosing your wool throw - made easy.

Choosing a wool throw can be a daunting task. I always advise customers that I meet at events to go for what they are first drawn to. Trust your instinct. Even if it’s not your usual colour or pattern. At horse trials and other events, I often get customers trying desperately hard to colour match a throw with curtains, cushions, or a sofa. I always advise them to blend or complement the colour. Its nigh on impossible to match. Choosing a colour can be just as tricky as choosing a pattern.

Classic wool throw

If you want a classic wool throw, always go for a herringbone. A Herringbone wool throws will never date. Country Mouse has herringbone wool throws in merino wool. The choice of fibre is down to personal preference. Merino is the softest.

Merino throws are available a wide rage of colours and patterns. Country Mouse even has recycled merino wool throws which are slightly thicker and with excellent eco credentials.

Check is a classic patten. Our check merino throws have a variety of colours. This makes them interesting and complex. I love a check throw. They are so easy to mix and blend with other colours and textures in your home. If you are worried about introducing a different shade, for example, green or blue, a checked wool throw is a great choice. There are several tones of colour and other complementary shades that I’m certain, it will sit effortlessly in your home.

Blue throws, pink throws and green throws are my favourite colours for interior décor. My lounge and bedroom have green walls. Pinks sit well in both spaces, adding a sense of positivity, warmth, and tranquillity. Green is a soothing colour and green wool throws are popular, I just felt dark green walls and green throws in my lounge was too much. You may disagree, but there are no rules.

Check wool throws are also a classic for alfresco use. That quintessential picnic blanket? It has got to be a check wool throw; I will leave the choice up to you.

A historian at heart

I live and breather the countryside. I am a horsey girl from Somerset who now lives over the border in Wiltshire. I really am a country mouse. I do like to visit cities especially to trapse my poor suffering husband around museums and anything vaguely historical. I am a historian a heart and love any opportunity to indulgence my passion.  I may not be teaching history anymore the love of the subject will always be there.

It’s that love of old ways and traditions that keeps me drawn to British textile manufacturing, hence why I adore the fact that I know how each and every product sold by Country Mouse has been designed and manufactured.
If you want to buy a wool throw, you can do so here.

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