Wool throw? Or Wool blanket?

Wool throw? Or Wool blanket?

At Country Mouse we use the phrase wool throw and wool blanket interchangeably.

Traditionally a blanket would have been used on a bed with sheets to add extra warmth and a decorative layer. However, duvets have now replaced the need for multiple layers but it is still nice to have a wool throw or blanket as an extra layer or as a decorative accent.

Wool throws are often distinguished by having a decorative fringe and all of our throws apart from a few designs have lovely fringes.

Wool throws are really popular as a decorative interior accessories. They are perfect for adding colour and texture to any room of your home.

You can use them to blend, contrast or add a single pop of colour. Wool throws have the added bonus of being made from 100% natural fibres. Our collections include merino, Shetland, pure new wool and tartan.  

Please do to browse our lovely of wool throws.

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