Wool throws are not just for cold weather.

Taking your wool throw out for a picnic

Wool throws are perfect all year round.

My heart sinks when I hear the phrase “it’s too hot for wool “, or “you won’t sell any wool throws in the summer”. Wool is amazing, as a natural fibre it breathes so you will stay at just the right temperature. Wearing or using wool or cotton (aka natural fibres) will wick away sweat, allowing it to evaporate and hence will help prevent nasty odours from building up. Synthetic such as polyester or nylon have the opposite effect. They are they equivalent of wearing a plastic bag. You will be hot, sweaty, and probably be a little whiffy as well! Merino wool is often used in technical clothing as it’s so breathable. 

Merino wool blankets for UK BBQ's and the outdoors.

I know the idea of wool on a hot day sounds crazy, but imagine you are having a family BBQ or having friends over for dinner. It’s a warm evening but as soon as the sun sets, it turns chilly. You don’t want to go indoors, so you stay outside enjoying the summer evening. Of course, you can put a jumper on, but this is where having a merino wool blanket for you and your guests comes in use.

Keep a wool throw ready for when the evening cools down.

Having a wool throw on the back of the chairs in the garden ready for when the temperature dips, it makes life easy and seamless for your guests to just wrap them around their shoulders, keeping them warm from the evening chill and leaves you all to enjoy your alfresco dining for as long as you wish. For the softest wool throw, choose a merino wool throw.

Our wool throws are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. I am certain that there is one which will be perfect for your alfresco dining event. The throw can then be used indoors as well. 

Summer picnics and memorable days out.

Our wool throws are also perfect for days out in the summer and for picnics. If you are going for a day out in the countryside or a trip to the beach, don’t forget to pack a wool throw.  When you have finished your picnic just give the throw a shake and any crumbs will fall from it. Nothing sticks to wool. If you stay out when the sun dips down and it gets a little chilly, you can wrap the throw around you. Even if its windy, you will stay cosy.

Keep a wool throw to hand

Having a wool throw to hand is always useful. If you love to travel and explore, you will always have something to sit on and something to wrap around you if you have a throw on hand in the car. If you have used our wool throws for alfresco dining, picnics or star gazing, please share your images with us. We love to see our throws in use.

Just remember, a wool throw isn’t just for cold evenings in. They love to be taken out and enjoyed in the great outdoors, Whether that’s your garden, the beach, or the mountains.

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