Wool Throws For Sofas.

 Wool throws for sofas

Wool Throws for sofas.

Wool throws and woollen blankets are a perfect choice for your sofa. Country Mouse has a large selection of wool throws to choose from. Whether you are looking for a particular colour such as a tranquil green wool blanket, muted duck egg wool blankets or brighter pops of yellow or orange wool throws.

Adding a wool throw to your sofa can add texture and warmth, plus the wool throw is just there if you want to snuggle under it on chilly evenings. That’s the great thing about wool throws, they are not only beautiful and decorative, they are also incredibly useful. Wool throws and woollen blankets will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That’s why natural fibres such as wool is far superior to manmade fibres.

If you are planning to add a woollen blanket to your sofa to sit on, wool is also very comfortable. Merino wool throws are the softest wool  throws that we have and they are so soft and gentle against the skin. If you want a thick wool blanket, out Swedish lambswool blankets and wool throws are a perfect match.

Layer up lots of wool throws on sofas

I love to layer with wool throws on sofas, I think its lovely to have them on the back of the sofa or over the arm of a chair. Again, they look lovely and ideally placed to chilly evenings.

Country Mouse has a wide selection of wool throws and woollen blankets in a variety of wools and patterns. Whichever wool throw you choose, you will always want another.

Using your wool throw on a sofa. A wool throw can be used however you want on a sofa. I have a three seater and a two seater sofa. I like to cover the seat of the 3 seater with one throw, I then have throws draped over the arms of the sofa at either end. The sofa is piled with cushions and has a throw on the back.

Build a blanket fort

My two seater, has a throw covering the back and seat. Plus, it just covers the arms. Again. I have a throw on the top to snuggle under and a throw over each arm. I am a believer of the more wool throws the better. If I could, I would build a blanket fort! I like comfort and more is more. I am not a fan of minimalism and I like to feel warm and cosy. I love muted colours on the sage green and dusty pink wool throw spectrum. I don’t have a favourite pattern, but you cant go wrong with a herringbone wool throw or a check wool blanket.

There are no rules when it comes to wool throws for sofas. I must say though, that wool throws, whilst yes they can and are used as decorative items, they aren’t really sofa covers. I like to think of wool throws being used to help keep you warm as well as looking beautiful.

Please feel free to browse our online shop for your next wool throw for your sofa.

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