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    Alpaca Socks

     Alpaca socks are made from alpaca wool is a luxury fibre which is durable, lightweight and soft. The alpaca fibres are hollow which creates a downing effect, keeping your feet warm and cosy all day long.

    Alpaca socks are also highly breathable, anti bacterial and odour resistant. This makes them perfect for helping to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

    Our lightweight everyday alpaca socks are perfect for wearing all year round as the fibres are highly breathable and have the clever ability to wick moisture, leaving you with fresh feet. that will be odour free, warm or cool all year round.

    Alpaca wool is also hardwearing despite its gentle feel. 

    Alpaca wool is naturally lanolin free which is great for those who cannot tolerate lanolin.. 

    Browse our lovely selection of everyday day alpaca socks below. Alternatively take a look at our alpaca bed socks. Our alpaca socks are unisex.

    All of our alpaca socks are designed and made in the England.

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