Are merino wool throws worth it?

Are merino wool throws worth it?

Sea Breeze Merino Wool Throw on a dining chair by a table.

Leave a merino wool throw on the back of a chair so it's ready for you to use.

I may be slightly biased, but Merino wool throws are completely worth the investment. Keep on reading and hopefully by the end I will have convinced you that merino wool throws are worth every penny.

What is a merino wool throw?

Without getting too technical a Merino wool throw, is a throw made from 100% merino lambswool. The merino sheep, are a particular breed of sheep that produces a type of wool called merino wool which is much finer and softer than other breeds of sheep, resulting in the finished wool throws being a lovely soft wool throw that you want to use and snuggle up in, along with all of the benefits of wool as a natural fibre.

In terms of size, our merino wool throws are 140cm wide and 185cm long. Or 4’ 7” wide and just over 6 feet long. If you’re having trouble visualising that – they will cover the top of a standard British double bed, which is 4’6” by 6’. You might think that isn’t very big for a bed, and you would be right to think that. These wool throws aren’t intended to be bed blankets. They can be used as a runner or on the bed, to add colour to a room, but they are intended to be snuggled into. use them to wrap around you on cold chilly days or evenings.

From experience, snuggling into this size of throw is just fabulous. It’s big enough to keep you warm and yet when you stand up to move, you don’t find yourself tripping over acres of blanket. Leave your throw on the back of a sofa or favourite chair, ready for when you want a cosy night in.


What are the benefits of a merino wool throw?

The benefit of wool is that it’s a natural fibre which is designed to keep you warm. Merino wool as I’ve just mentioned, has a finer fibre, which is much softer, so you are comfortable using a merino wool throw next to your skin, so you can snuggle in up to your chin and read, watch TV or relax while being kept at a lovely constant temperature.

Do merino wool throws last?

Merino wool is a softer fibre, maybe as soft as cashmere, so it needs treating with a little bit of care and love. If you were using merino wool in a piece of clothing such as a shirt, I can imagine it will start to wear with time. That said, all of the merino wool throws that I have for my personal use have worn well and stood the test of time, without piling or showing areas of wear, or losing the colour, despite some fairly heavy traffic between me and 2 cats!

Are merino wool throws chunky throws?

Merino wool throws are not chunky throws. Because the wool is much finer, once spun into a thread and then woven into a throw, they are much thinner. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t as warm. I see that as an advantage, as it’s easy to pack a Merino wool throw into a bag or take it with you in the car if you want to use a Merino wool throw while camping or visiting friends.

merino wool throws are drapey, and lightweight but are also really warm, Don't worry about overheating. Wool is a natural fibre which breathes and works to keep you at the perfect temperature.

What are merino wool throws like to use?

Merino wool throws, are lovely soft throws that you want to wrap around yourself and snuggle into. They are fabulous to have to hand on your favourite sofa or chair, ready for when you want to sit down and relax. They keep you at a constant temperature, so whether you’re sat by the fire or using your throw in your garden they will help you to stay at a comfortable temperature.

Merino wool throws are also a great choice as an extra layer on the bed in the summer or autumn, especially if you don't like anything heavy on you. 

merino wool throw on a bed

Merino wool throws are perfect as an extra layer on the bed, especially if you like a lightweight throw.

Where are Country Mouse merino wool throws made?

Our merino wool throws are made in the UK and you're welcome to browse our collection of merino wool throws to see what colours and patterns we currently have in stock.

Merino wool throws are most certainly worth the investment. If you want a lightweight, soft and warm wool throw, merino is the way to go. If you like a slightly thicker wool throw, our klippan wool blankets will be a great fit for you.  

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