Best Wool Blankets for Spring

Best Wool Blankets for Spring

Spring Wool Blankets for your home
The best wool blankets for spring are those that bring you happiness.

The arrival of spring always makes me feel so happy, the first sighting of spring bulbs and the birds chirping are clear signs that winter has finally ended. Spring can be a great season for home décor. Always look to nature for inspiration, spring has such a wide range of colours from subtle duck egg blue, blossom pinks, primrose yellows and verdant greens. Naturally, these are suggestions, but always choose what you are drawn to.

Wool blankets are a great way to add spring colour to your home. A wool blanket can transform a bedroom, chair or sofa into a restful and cosy haven this spring. Choosing the perfect wool blanket can be a challenge, so to help you choose your perfect wool blanket for spring, I have created this blog,


Style your home with a wool blanket for an instant cosy feel.

When choosing your perfect wool blanket, make sure you are selecting a woollen blanket that is 100% wool. Wool blankets mixed with synthetic fibres, will not do the job. Only pure woollen blankets have all the benefits of natural fibres. Pure wool throws, regardless of whether they are merino, Swedish wool, recycled wool or Gotland wool, will keep you warm. Any blanket that has synthetic fibres will not be breathable or have any thermal properties.  In addition to this, they are also of poor quality and damaging to the environment.

 Which wool blankets are the softest?

I am frequently asked this question; the easy answer is merino lambswool. Lambswool will always be softer than pure new wool. A Swedish lambswool blanket will also be softer than pure new wool. Merino is an incredible fibre, The fibres are long, fine and crimped. These crimped fibres, trap air regulating your body temperature. The fibres also ben when they touch your skin, which is why they are so soft and do not cause itching.

Merino lambswool is smooth and drapey, it’s lightweight, but don’t be fooled by its thinness, its gentle warmth and breathability are just amazing, and this makes Merino wool throws a perfect choice for spring.

Spring can be highly unpredictable, The weather is all over the place, some days it feels like summer and at other times. It feels like winter has returned. This is where merino wool blankets come into their own.

Ff would like to find out more about the softest wool blankets, check out the blog.

Wool blankets are perfect for Spring Colour

One of the things I love about wool blankets is the colour and patterns. At Country Mouse I love curating a collection of interesting wool blanket designs in a wide range of colours and designs. Adding a different or new-coloured wool blanket to your bedroom or lounge is an easy way to add interest or make a statement with a bold pop of colour. You can keep things simple and paired back with an effortless Scandi feel and blend colours or you can go all out and embrace a maximalist look.

  1. Pastel colours: Wool blankets in pastel tones of duck egg, sage green and warm dusty pink will add a subtle hint of spring. These colours will also work well in the summer.
  2. Bright colours: wool blankets in bright pops of yellow are quintessentially spring. Whether that’s daffodil yellow or warm buttery yellow, this colour will certainly lift a room. Greens in any shade from bright lime green to dark woodland green. Look to nature for your cues.


Where to Buy Wool Blankets for Spring Colour

Country Mouse has an extensive curated collection of the best wool blanket throws which are perfect for adding spring colour into your home. 

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