Find Your Perfect Spring Wool Throws and Blankets

Find Your Perfect Spring Wool Throws and Blankets

Sea Breeze Merino Wool Throw on a dining chair by a table.

Spring is a time of highly changeable weather, wool throws and blankets are perfect for helping you to regulate your temperature. Choose pretty pastel shades, verdant greens or primrose yellows. 

Spring is a time for renewal and growth, The days are getting longer and there is the sense that exciting things are coming.

Spring is all about cheerful yellows, greens, and pinks, You only need to look at nature for colour inspiration. Pretty duck egg blues and dusty shades of blue and green inspire us to bring the fresh new season of spring into our home. Neutrals also have their role to play in the spring palette into our homes.

As the temperature starts to rise and the landscape starts to come alive, it's the perfect time to transform your living space into a colourful cosy haven. In this buyer's guide, we'll explore the joy of spring colours in home décor and why wool spring blankets are the ultimate choice for staying warm and comfortable during this unpredictable season.

 gotland wool throw

Gotland wool throws in pretty pinks are an ideal way to bring spring into your home.  

The Beauty of Spring Colours

Spring Colour Palette:

Spring is a season of fresh new growth. Spring is all about optimism and looking forward. It’s when the primroses, hellebores, daffodils and blossoms start to bloom. Leaves on the trees start to unfurl. Everything is new and exciting. For Spring colour inspiration just look to the countryside and landscape.

Think primrose yellows, verdant lime greens, pretty pinks, pastels of the spring blossom. Spring is all about optimism and looking forward. These hues create a captivating and inviting atmosphere in any home. To embrace the beauty of spring, you can incorporate these shades with ease using textiles and accessories.

green wool throws

Spring is all about fresh and zesty greens and daffodil yellows. Adding these colours to your home not only adds colour and interest but will keep you warm with the changeable spring weather.

Adding Warmth with Spring Blankets

One of the simplest and most effective ways to infuse Spring colours into your home is by using Klippan wool blankets. Their natural fibres perfectly harmonise with the warmth and textures that define the spring season. Spring is still a month when the natural warmth of a wool blanket is needed. Choose spring blankets in shades to create a harmonious colour palette.

Spring Colours are Versatile:

Spring colours are easily incorporated into your existing home décor.  Mixing and matching these colours and natural elements such as existing cushions and rugs will create a cosy and welcoming environment that reflects the season's beauty. If you’re a fan of dopamine décor, Spring is the ideal time to try this.

merino wool throws

Merino wool blankets are perfect for the transitional Spring season, being light and breathable, as well as wonderfully warm.

Why Klippan Wool Blankets are Ideal for Spring

Warmth and Breathability:

Spring weather can be fickle, with chilly mornings, unexpectedly warm afternoons and frosty nights. We can even have snow in spring. Our Swedish wool throws from klippan, Gotland wool throws and Merino blankets excel in this scenario due to their unique thermal properties. They provide incredible warmth when needed yet remain breathable to prevent you from overheating. Wool blankets and throws are perfectly suited to the temperamental British weather.

Temperature Regulation:

Temperature regulation is always tricky and virtually non-existent with man-made synthetic blankets and throws. This is where wool reigns supreme.

Wool has a natural ability to regulate body temperature, making it perfect for uncertain  spring weather. Wool blankets will keep you warm on colder nights but won't leave you feeling sweaty if the temperature rises. This adaptability ensures year-round comfort. Wool blankets and throws are perfect for all-year-round use. Spring is especially tricky, one minute you're enjoying the sunshine, and the next minute it is snowing or hailing. Regardless, your wool blanket has you covered.  

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