New Year New Goals(2023)

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Country Mouse Goal setting 2023

2022 like any year, was a year of ups and downs, ebbs, and flows. 2022 marked the 2nd year of being online, which if you have been following Country Mouse for a while, you will know that prior to Covid, I was completely events based.

I admit, that I absolutely love being online, but I do miss meeting people at events and especially the Christmas markets. The Christmas atmosphere is amazing.

Ecommerce Public Relations

2022 was the year that I really focussed on Public Relations (PR) for Country Mouse and I have to say, after starting the year knowing absolutely nothing about P.R, I now have an idea and I am regularly being featured in magazine, newspapers and online publications.

Another 2022 goal (yes goal, not resolution, more on that in a moment) was to introduce new stock lines. I am a self-confessed blanket addict and I simply fell in love with Klippan wool blankets at a trade show and just had to order them right there and then. My Klippan wool blanket collection is growing and I am really pleased at how well they have been received by my customers, especially the Moomin Blanket. What’s not to love!

Moomin wool throw

Solmate socks

Another addition to Country Mouse in 2022 has been Solmate Socks. My husband adores these almost as much as I adore wool blankets. Solmate socks have a wonderful story and they are available in bright and funky or more muted colourways. The patterns are great too and are always a talking point. Which, as I have mentioned, is great as they have a lovely story attached to them.

Solmate socks

Solmate socks are made from recycled cotton and knitted into fun mismatched pairs which do match. Confused? You need to see them, or even better buy a pair. They are addictive and have a following. One pair is never enough.

The importance of mindset work

Country Mouse Mindset

During 2022 I have worked with some amazing businesswomen. I have started to understand the importance of mindset work and how it helps in terms of my business. I used to take a long time to get going in the morning and being organised was always a challenge. I now have a morning routine where I set out goals, intentions and write down what I am grateful for. Some of you may find that a little “woo woo” or not understand it. Mindset works for me and I have clearer goals for my business. 

The setting or goals I think is much more productive and realistic than resolutions.  The idea of a resolution to me sounds negative. Goals are positive and ask you to be accountable. Whatever your thoughts are, I love goals and they work for me.

Goals for 2023

2023 is I hope, going to be an exciting year in terms of growth and opportunities. I am in the process of sourcing and ordering new product lines. I am well aware that wool can be seen as a seasonal product, and Country Mouse is much busier in the cold Autumn and Winter months.

Summer has always been a challenge both online and at shows. I know most people realise wool isn’t just for one day but selling a wool throw when it’s a scorching hot day is slightly more challenging.

Thornback and Peel

Thornback and peel oven gloves

I have already ordered kitchen textiles from Thornback and Peel. I have loved their quirky designs for a very long time and they are made in the UK and are they are made from cotton, so I know they will be a perfect addition to Country Mouse. The rabbits and cabbage pattern is so cute and the colours of the cake and jelly pattern is a gorgeous raspberry pink. I am very excited to be starting to stock Thornback and Peel’s aprons and oven gloves. I am sure the collection will grow.

Cotton Throws

Talking of cotton, I am planning on adding cotton throws to the collection as they are easily washable and perfect for days out to the beach, picnics and for using in your home.   

Personal goals

I have also started reading a lot more. I love reading and I have recently missed reading a good story. I think there’s nothing better than snuggling under a wool blanket with a good book. Do let me know who your favourite authors are, or any must read books. I am not a fan of horror or science fiction!

Another non business goal is to walk some long-distance foot paths. I love walking and tend to stay quite local. The hills and mountains are where my heart is. I do like a coastal walk, especially the North Cornish coastal path. The Southwest Coast path is also not to be underestimated, due to the sharp inclines and descents, like a roller coaster.

I have plenty of other ideas for new product ranges and I am really excited to see what 2023 has in store.

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  • Sue Murnin

    Can’t wait to see the cotton throws! Just what’s needed for summer. As always Country Mouse will deliver!

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