The Best Alpaca Bed Socks we've got.

The best alpaca bed socks we've got.

Alpaca bed socks are a must have item. Whether you are working from home and want to keep your feet warm and cosy, going hiking or walking, or you are relaxing by the fire after a long day, alpaca bed socks will ensure your feet feel truly pampered.

During Autumn 2022, our pink alpaca bed socks received 5 star reviews from our customers which we were really pleased about.

Pink alpaca bed socks with 5 star reviews

Where are our alpaca socks made?

Our Alpaca bed socks are made in the UK from 90% luxurious alpaca wool. Alpaca fibres are incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. As a natural fibre, alpaca wool breathes, helping to keep your feet at the right temperature. Alpaca wool has the added bonus of being lanolin free.

Our alpaca everyday socks are also made in the same factory in the UK.

What are alpaca socks like to wear?

Our Alpaca bed socks are a looser more gentle fit than our everyday alpaca socks, making them so comfortable you won’t want to take them off. Our alpaca bed socks are available in a range of colours, including our best selling pink alpaca bed socks to rich warm tones of burnt orange.  

What our customers say about our Alpaca bed socks.

Pink alpaca bed socks testimonials


How much alpaca wool is in the bed socks?

Alpaca bed socks

 Made with 90% alpaca wool and available in shoe sizes 4-7 or 8-10, I am sure you will agree with us, that our alpaca bed socks are the best.  Even though they have a high alpaca wool content, they still wear really well.  

Take a look at our full range of alpaca bed socks - and buy yourself a little treat.

Everyday alpaca socks for ladies

Ladies everyday alpaca socks

If you've fallen in love with alpaca socks, but need a pair for general use, take a look at our everyday alpaca socks. These everyday alpaca wool socks are made with 55% alpaca and 45% nylon, creating a sock more suitable for wearing in   shoes or boots,as they aren't as thick as the bed socks.

Alpaca socks for hiking and walking.

If you're planning on a longer walk or hike, we've got a lovely collection of alpaca hiking socks, including green, plum, navy and grey walking socks. These are made from 75% alpaca wool so they are highly breathable and odour resistant. Great for keeping your feet comfortable all day long. I have walked some long challenging routes in a pair and they certainly did their job. You can browse our collection of alpaca walking socks here.

How much alpaca wool is in each style of socks?

Style of alpaca socks Percentage content of alpaca wool.
Alpaca bed socks. 90%
Alpaca everyday socks 55%
Alpaca walking socks. 75%

Alpaca socks benefits

So having had a whirlwind tour of the alpaca socks on offer at Country Mouse you can start to see the benefits of alpaca socks. If you want warm and cosy feet for working, activities or relaxing at home, our alpaca bed socks will keep your toes toasty and comfortable all day. If you need to get out and about our everyday alpaca socks will keep your feet warm while still fitting into your shoes and finally if you're off out for a long walk, our alpaca hiking socks will help to keep your feet warm and odour free. You just can't beat natural fibres in clothing.  


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