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The Best Alpaca Bed Socks we've got.

The best alpaca bed socks we've got.

Alpaca socks are a must have item. Whether you are working from home and want to keep your feet warm and cosy, or you are relaxing by the fire after a long day, alpaca bed socks will ensure your feet feel pampered.

Our Alpaca bed socks are made in the UK from 90% luxurious alpaca. Alpaca fibres are incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. As a natural fibre, alpaca wool breathes, helping to keep your feet at the right temperature. Alpaca wool has the added bonus of being lanolin free.

Our Alpaca bed socks are a looser fit than our everyday alpaca socks, making them so comfortable you won’t want to take them off. Our alpaca bed socks are available in a range of colours, including our bestselling pink alpaca bed socks to rich warm tones of burnt orange.

Made with 90% alpaca wool and available in shoe sizes 4-7 or 8-10, I am sure you will agree with us, that our alpaca bed socks are the best.

Alpaca bed socks

Take a look at our full range of alpaca bed socks - and buy yourself a little treat.

If you've fallen in love with alpaca socks, but need a pair for general use, take a look at our everyday alpaca socks, or if you're off out to the hills take a look at our alpaca walking socks.


Everyday alpaca socks



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