Luxury Wool Socks - warm socks for your feet

Luxury wool socks, a treat for your feet.

As a raynauds sufferer I'm always on the lookout for ways to keep warm when I'm out and about. I found one of the best ways to keep warm, was to wear clothes with a high content of natural fibres, such as wool in them.

So it comes as no surprise that I have also built up a large collection of luxury wool socks and  alpaca socks as a part of my business.

I wanted the collection to be bright and cheerful as well as warm and cosy.

Our range of luxury wool socks are both colourful and fun to brighten up your day and keep your feet warm. The wool socks are made from 80% Italian spun lambswool, so they are soft, hard wearing and warm. The warmth comes from the high percentage of lambswool. Needless to say - I live in these socks all year round.

Alpaca socks

The alpaca socks are made from 55% alpaca wool. Alpaca wool has a downing effect, so traps air, also keeping your feet warm. My husband seems to have gained many pairs of alpaca socks, from the everyday alpaca sock range - and he says he loves the soft feel of the fibres, in addition to the gentle warmth they provide. Whilst we're on the subject of alpaca socks - we also have a selection of alpaca bed socks which have 90% alpaca wool in them, providing that ultimate luxury when you get out of the bath in the evening and curl up on the sofa. You can also wear them in bed! 

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