Womens pink jumper

Women's pink wool jumper

Women’s pink jumpers are one of those items where one is just not enough.

The choice of jumpers on the high street and online makes it quite a daunting task trying to choose the perfect pink jumper. If you want wool, you are already in the right place.

Choosing a shade of pink is often a challenge. Pink is created by combining red and white. It can vary from very pale, to hot pink and strong reddish pink such as fuchsia. Country Mouse pink jumpers are a warm mid pink and made from 100% lambswool in Scotland.

Pink jumpers are popular

Pink is an incredibly popular colour for knitwear and rightly so. It is a lovely calming colour associated with love and kindness. It is a positive and warming colour. Pink is also a versatile and timeless colour. It is certainly a colour that is here to stay. A pink jumper will, no doubt be a wardrobe favourite.

Pink jumpers can be worn with jeans, trousers, or skirts. They are so versatile, and perfect for layering. Our jumpers have a quarter zip neck which makes layering straight forward. Our jumpers can be worn to horse trials, lunch with friends or trips out.

Wear your jumper all year round

Our pink women’s jumpers can be worn all year round thanks to their breathability. Lambswool is amazing at keeping you at just the right temperature. If you are out and the sun dips behind a cloud or you have forgotten your jacket, a lambswool jumper will keep you warm.

If you already have one of our pink lambswool jumpers, we would love to see you enjoying wearing them. Tag us on Instagram or facebook.

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