Alpaca walking socks.

Alpaca walking socks

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    Alpaca walking socks made in the UK.

    Alpaca walking socks are my must have socks for walking. Made  from 75% luxuriously soft alpaca, these socks have a cushioned heel, toes and foot. I have walked miles in alpaca walking socks and they even keep your feet warm when you get caught in the rain.

    What are the benefits of alpaca walking socks?

    Alpaca wool is a luxury fibre which is durable, lightweight and soft. The alpaca fibres are hollow which creates a downing effect, keeping your feet warm and cosy all day long. 

    Alpaca socks are also highly breathable, anti bacterial and odour resistant. All great benefits for walking socks.

    Alpaca wool is lanolin free. Our alpaca walking socks are made from 75% alpaca wool and 25% nylon.

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    1 product
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